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17 Things to Know Before Dating an Extrovert If she likes you, you won't need a secret decoder ring to figure it out. But just because she's talkative doesn't mean she's needy. a Short Girl · 8 Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert · 12 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegan · extroverts · Dating.

Dawson is back in Capeside too, visiting his old film class and meeting a student that reminds him of himself at that age. Pacey and Dawson meet up and compare notes on how strange it is to be adults. Pacey and Joey awkwardly try dating, but when Joey comes to visit Pacey at work after he gets a promotion and his own office, she ends up as his temporary secretary while she's on spring break.

Between their jealousy and their passion, Pacey and Joey make terrible workmates, and the two agree to end their working relationship and concentrate on their romantic one. Just as Joey is closing up the bar and preparing to go over to Pacey's apartment, Eddie shows up. Over a sullen dinner with the couple, Grams manages to get them to see each other's points of view, and they patch things up. Dawson tries to pitch his new movie idea, a coming-of-age flick that basically mirrors his own life, to Todd's old producer Larry Newman.

Larry greenlights Dawson's project, with Dawson as director, partly because Dawson managed to get Natasha into the sack, and partly because he's assured the movie will be about a teen stripper and will have lots of nudity. After consulting with Todd, Dawson realizes that he can't sell-out that badly and pulls out of the deal, hoping to figure out a way to make the movie on his own. Eddie tells Joey he wants to be with her, but Joey tells him she's moved on.

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Joey doesn't go over to Pacey's place that night, but the next night, Pacey accompanies her when she chaperones Harley's school dance. After spending a fun night mending Harley's strained relationship with her cavalier boyfriend, Patrick, Joey realizes that she can't be with Pacey. She tells Pacey this, and over his protests, admits that Eddie is back in town.

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After a last dance with Pacey, she goes to Eddie's house and they finally have a passionate reunion. Jen starts questioning Grams when she finds out that C. Grams finally admits to Jen that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer, and will be undergoing radiation therapy. Grams is surprisingly uncommunicative, but Jen's fear finally prompts her to assure her grandaughter that she's not ready to die. Dawson approaches Pacey with his savings from Todd's movie, and asks Pacey to invest it to make enough money to finance his coming-of-age film.

Pacey is hesistant to mix business and friendship, but finally tells Dawson he'll help. Dawson's mom is worried that Dawson doesn't have a backup plan if directing doesn't work out, but Dawson convinces her that his going headlong into directing without another thought is the only way he's going to be able to pull it off. Audrey comes back from rehab, Eddie wonders why Joey won't have sex with him anymore, and Jen breaks up with C.

David is upset when he's late meeting Jack for the show, and Jack has given away his seat to this cute guy named Fred with whom he's now chatting. Audrey has a crush on Dr. Drew, and rebuffs Adam Carolla's advances. During the show, C. After the show, Jen finally admits to C. Eddie tells Joey that he loves her and she can trust him, and she decides to take a leap of faith.

Jack doesn't think he has anything to apologize for, since he wasn't flirting with Fred, he was just being friendly, but David gives him an ultimatum: As Stepatech stock continues to rise, Pacey's life just keeps getting better when he starts sleeping with Sadia Pacey is crushed when Stepatech's new drug doesn't get approved and the stock crashes Pacey asks his boss for a loan, and when Rinaldi just laughs at him and mocks him, Pacey starts a fight and Rinaldi fires him. Joey takes her final in Professor Hetson's class and aces it.

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Eddie surprises Joey with a plan to spend the summer together in Europe. While Joey is excited, she's not ready to just throw away an entire summer irresponsibly, and she and Eddie end up fighting about it. He tells her to slow down, but as we all know, Alex is a complete Nutter Butter, so she ignores him. She thinks her life is over, but it makes her feel alive. Unable to make her stop, Pacey tries to call her bluff, urging her to drive faster.

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He stars to kiss her, and she finally gets so shaken that she stops. Joey asks about L. Alex admits to Pacey that she has problems yeah, no kidding and could have killed someone tonight.

pacey/joey S06E18 ( love bites ) part 1/3

She appreciates that Pacey saved her. Jen talks to her parents on the phone, then tells Jack that she declined their invitation to the Hamptons. She thinks they were relieved. Jack thinks she made a mistake. Meanwhile, Joey goes to the five and dime with a copy of the literary review. Why give the episode a name like that and not explain it?? Hello, Boston public transportation.

Permalink Leave a Comment. Joey and Dawson have just watched a movie in her dorm room, which was his homework. He says he just wants to spend time with her, which she appreciates. He thinks she was just upholding her principles. Jack blasts him for having sex with Audrey and then not calling her. Jen and Audrey go backstage at the concert; Jen is supposed to interview the band and Audrey wants to hook up with one of the members. They meet two of them, Steve and Wynn, and Jen lies that she liked their show. Audrey and Jen take the guys to the radio station, where Steve asks Jen if she has a boyfriend.

Wynn chats with Audrey and reveals that he has a girlfriend. Audrey thinks relationships are more complicated. Wynn says only the bad ones are. He wants Pacey to come clean to the critic, though Pacey wants his commitment on a review first so the restaurant can get some good PR. Jen interviews Wynn and Steve, who talk about winning over a crowd there to see another band. The crowd first dismisses them, but the band rocks and changes their minds. Dawson asks if she has a crush on Wilder. She laughs off the idea. Apparently Joey left her a message saying she was spending the night with a friend, and Audrey could tell someone was wrong.

She made a promise to God that if Joey was okay, she would change her behavior. That means giving up Pacey. Jen and Steve talk about passion and art.

Who? What? Huh?

Pacey and the critic keep talking food, boring Jack senseless. In fact, he thinks Jack and Pacey are a couple. Joey sees Wilder leave the movie theater and follows him into the lobby. He saw her with Dawson and wonders if he should be jealous.

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They discuss the best literary endings; his favorite is Sentimental Education , which involves two friends just discussing the greatest thing that never happened. Flaubert thought anticipation was better than experience. Later, Dawson joins Joey in the lobby and walks her home as she talks about meeting someone who knows everything you can be.