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Every shot is organized as if it were a film set. Their first campaign was photographed by their friend, the Sicilian photographer Ferdinando Scianna, who, with Dolce and Gabbana, was just getting started in fashion.

Stefano gabbana opens up about romance with domenico dolce

The journalist Nicoletta Gasperini of Donna , the Italian fashion weekly that gave them their first cover- the model Marpessa photographed by Giovanni Gastel- helped define their image. The turning point in their international success began with their friendship with Madonna.

David Gandy and Bianca Balti Talk Butts, Bad Boys, and Their Dream Threesome

In Bed with Madonna by Alek Keshishian Shortly after, the singer asked them to design the fifteen hundred costumes for her "Girlie Show" tour. The collection changes for every season, ranging from the baroque to the plastic, from aristocratic to working class, brazen to bourgeois, from animal prints to a cardinal's cloak. In for their Milan men's show, they took their inspiration from contemporary soccer stars. The darlings of the Italian and international press, according to Suzy Menkes, a journalist for the International Herald Tribune , the two designers have the ability of being able to mix periods and countries, masculine and feminine looks, fabrics and styles.

Creativity and versatility, the union of the press and the star system, a range of products and clothing lines, and careful attention to distribution are all elements that contribute to the realization of an integrated system of communication. Edited by Guido Vergani. The nice thing is that when I came out, everybody applauded. And as I was looking out at the front row, I [realized I] knew all those people. Everybody was so nice and happy—to me, especially—so it felt like a celebration of the relationship I have with Stefano [Gabbana] and Domenico [Dolce].

Alright, now to the fun part. Never have I ever hooked up with another model on a shoot. I went for a walk and [encountered] this beach where I saw a woman doing naked yoga and stuff. And there was a naked trumpet player. How do you make sex on the plane?! I think people just lie.

Designer Stefano Gabbana says he is tired of being labelled as gay

If your neighbor farts, everybody hears it. And then people say they have sex? Oh, everyone farts on a plane. Yeah, it really is. One of the most uncomfortable things of traveling is the air in your stomach. You know the people who get on the plane when they first open the door?

When the plane opens, they just faint and they have to be wheeled off. Never have I ever showed up to a photoshoot or a runway show after partying all night. In the past, though. I even slept through a very important campaign. What about you, David? But I used to go out partying, get on a plane, land somewhere, go do a shoot, and carry on. Instead, Gabbana studied graphic design at the university because he wanted to go into advertising. He worked in that field for a short time after graduation before he quit, realizing that his heart just was not in it.

It was at that time that he turned to fashion. He told Weber in Interview, "I was lucky because a designer took me under his wing and helped me understand the world of fashion. But it was ultimately Domenico who taught me the most about fashion. As time went on while I was learning about it, I fell in love with it—with designing, with making clothes, with dressing people.

The pair met in when they were both assistants at an atelier in Milan.

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They started their partnership in , although they still did freelance designing for other companies until they had officially started their own company. Fame and fortune, however, did not come immediately to the pair. They struggled to come to the attention of the fashion scene and did everything in their power to show off their designs to bring that about. We organized it ourselves, me and Stefano, without PR, [with] nothing. My sister and my brother were on the door. The invites looked like hamburgers.

The unconventional approach stirred enough buzz to land them a spot in Milan's fashion week.

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Not long after, in they opened their first boutique in Japan. Their style is a mix of traditionally male and female clothing, as they are known to say that fashion and dressing have nothing to do with being straight or gay, but rather that everyone has a part of the opposite sex inside them and that everyone needs to get in touch with that opposite side of their gender to be whole.

They point out that it is only modern fashion that has made men and women so different dress-wise. In the 16th century men wore high heels, make-up, and dandy clothes and they were no less masculine than today's men, and women were seen wearing more manly suit tops and flat shoes. When asked why the two of them collaborated and how it worked, Dolce told Weber in Interview, "We have different tastes, which means that together we tap a combination of desires.

Stefano Gabbana opens up about romance with Domenico Dolce

Sometimes we might create something that is more Gabbana; sometimes it might be more Dolce. But what we create always has to arrive at some kind of agreement. What we hate is when people put up a barrier and try and hide what they feel. Whatever their likes or dislikes, it became increasingly apparent that the two designers struck a chord with people around the world as their clothing lines became more and more popular.

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Then, in that same year they opened their first boutique in Milan. Also in the pair won the Woolmark Award. Every year their collections change, although each designer has his favorite pieces that remain in the collection each season. Their concern has never been with what is trendy, but what feels right at that moment. Gabbana was quoted by Frankel in the Guardian as having said, "We sketch everything from new each season, and it doesn't come out the same, but it has the same feeling.

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This is better in the end because I have one taste.