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17 Things to Know Before Dating an Extrovert If she likes you, you won't need a secret decoder ring to figure it out. But just because she's talkative doesn't mean she's needy. a Short Girl · 8 Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert · 12 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegan · extroverts · Dating.

Move on — there's nothing here that deserves your attention or cash. Options are a little more basic than some of the competition, with the company offering only a small number of responsive templates see a preview here. Still, these can be customized by tweaking individual details or dragging and dropping full content blocks.

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Your pages can include image galleries, forms, maps, social feeds, embedded videos and more. Moonfruit's Basic plan gets you a single site with MB of storage, but no specific page or bandwidth limits. Moonfruit's Professional plan loses the ads, fortunately. That's not going to look good for any professional or business sites, even if they're not planning to support any kind of secure transactions. Both give you a configurable web store with support for unlimited items, and the Pro plan adds support for digital items.

Moonfruit offers a free day trial, and even if you sign up after that, the company says it will refund your money if you cancel within 14 days. This isn't automatic — you must ask the support team via live chat — and if you've registered a domain through the plan, that cost will be deducted. But overall, the Moonfruit policy is much like any other, and you should have no difficulty getting a refund, if you need one.

Creating your Moonfruit account is easy, and works much like most other services: Follow up by choosing your preferred Moonfruit subdomain yourname. We tried this, and were taken directly to a blank editor with no obvious button or menu options for kicking off our site. Stepping back to the Site Manager revealed an Add Site button, and clicking that displayed just eight templates.

The designs aren't bad, but they don't begin to cover the range of styles a user might want. If you're hoping for an instant site you can modify and use right away, there's a good chance you'll be disappointed. Moonfruit's template preview option is poor, too. You're able to view the template pages as a static slideshow, but there's no immediate way to navigate a template site within a browser tab, or to see how it will look on a mobile. That matters, as you can't change a template if you don't like the results — you must start again. Select a template as carefully as you can, and it opens in the editor's familiar interface.

The home page is displayed in the body of the screen, while a sidebar and menu bar give you options to modify the page or preview the results. If you've used a website builder before, you'll already understand the basics — and if you're a newbie, a few minutes of pointing and clicking will get you up to speed. Some website builders impress you immediately with their flashy visuals and depth of features.

Moonfruit, well — not so much. Tiny sidebars hide away on the left and right, unintuitive low-res icons are everywhere there are tooltips, but you'll need them , and the emphasis is very much on keeping information hidden until you request it.

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Tap an image in most website builders, for instance, and a dialog appears showing you most of its key details at a glance. Do the same in Moonfruit and a right-hand sidebar displays categories only: Background, Position, Text, Outline, Animation. You need to click Text to see and edit those properties, then Position to change those, and so on. Moonfruit might argue this helps to reduce visual clutter, as you only see the information you need, but it may also force you to make more clicks to do the same amount of work.

Some basic edits are still very straightforward.

Not happy with that button caption? Double-click it, type a new one, press Enter. You can edit the contents of text boxes in much the same way, including changing text styles and colors, inserting lists and adding links. Moonfruit also adds a few useful shortcuts of its own. Clicking any page object displays a tiny toolbar with four handy functions: Copy, Duplicate, Delete, and a Help button which opens the support page for that object type. An Undo button at the top of the page recovers from any bad decisions, and you can save the project whenever you like.

An Elements button allows adding new objects to your page: A Sections button allows adding predefined content blocks. There are eye-catching Hero sections an important element to highlight a key feature of the site , page bodies in various styles, navigation tools, and layout sections which organize your content in various column formats. The Section bar includes appealing thumbnail previews of all these elements, too, showing the editor can deliver some visual flair when it tries.

The veteran website builder has a new, responsive editor. But is it any good?

Moonfruit limits the customizations you can apply to many page objects. You can't manually resize, or drag-and-drop a button, for instance. The most you can do is set it to align to the left, right or center of the page, and to size it automatically, or to set the width to a percentage of the page. But on the plus side, the editor does have many integrated ways to tweak each object. Even a simple button allows customizing text style, size, color, hover color, button shape, border style, link type and destination new or same window , and applying a range of animations.

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