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17 Things to Know Before Dating an Extrovert If she likes you, you won't need a secret decoder ring to figure it out. But just because she's talkative doesn't mean she's needy. a Short Girl · 8 Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert · 12 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegan · extroverts · Dating.

Razor Serial Numbers were impressed on all Gillette razors from until , and on deluxe models from until except for a period in This corresponds to the time King Gillette was directly associated with the business, and may have been at his insistence. These serial numbers were on the top of the guard, or sometimes the inner barrel. There were no razor serial numbers from until Razor Date Codes began in and used the same system blades had used since , a code that identified the year and calendar quarter of manufacture.

How to Date USA Gillette Safety Razors

These codes are found on the underside of the guard mechanism, or in cartridge razors, near the attachment mechanism for the blade. The blade system adopted in is still in use today, and was used on razors as well after All the coding systems are listed below.

Other makers included serial or manufacturing codes, but we do not have the keys. AutoStrop and Rolls are two well known manufacturers who serial numbered their razors. If you have the key to another manufacturer's codes, please share this information with other collectors. Some razors stamped "Pat. Razors in Canada stamped "Pat.

A Complete Reference: Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors

Steel lot only on blade. Bell-end 3-piece Aristocrat model introduced. These razors now come with hollow handles. JK J Series all U. Any Old Type without a serial were made from to Surgeons' knives, chisels, office-knives and twine-cutters have been added to our line during Specialized blade production begins for the aforementioned new razor tool offerings of surgeons' knives, chisels, office-knives and twine-cutters. Last year for 3-hole blades. No razors got date codes or date serial numbers until except only De Luxe model razors which still got serial numbers this year only.

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B No more razor serial 's or date codes on razors until Date codes only on blades until when they were used on razors again in addition to blades. Blue blade plain slot and diamonds introduced.

10 Best Razors 2018

Blades get 2x crosshatch. Date codes weren't used at this time so dating is from old magazine advertisements and included-blades date codes. Also in case is a blade with lines cut in it.

Gillette Fatboys

All is in excellent shape. If interested or want pics text me Jim I been have another sleepless night. Hello, I just purchase a Techmatic labeled "U1". According your chart, no techmatic where produced when the letter was U. May it be that my techmatic was produced in ?

I believe it was introduced in I actually tried one when they came out. I did not like them. In Gillette started marking their blades with date codes. In , they started marking razors with the date codes. The following chart is a list of my dated Gillette razors.

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Following that is a chart explaining the coding system Gillette used from the beginning. Blades notched for "heat lots". Single Ring Handle Introduced.

Gillette Tech

King Gillette's picture on blade wrappers. Steel lot only on blade. Milady Decollette short handle long neck. Hollow Handle Pocket Edition. JK J Series all U. Old Style still seen with no serial. Last year for 3-hole blades. Model "long slot" test marketed. New Gillette takes slotted blade. B No more razor serial 's to Blue blade plain slot and diamonds introduced.

Gillette Tech

Blades get 2x crosshatch. Blades get 4x crosshatch. Sheraton TTO gold, regular handle. Senator TTO nickel vs gold. Tech intro'd with triangle guard slots. Milord TTO bar guard version of Sheraton. Camoflage blade for military use. Full civilian production resumes. Thin Blade black and white wrapper red print. Center bars get notched July.

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