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The video showed the truck getting a call, and then going off with lights and sirens. Set over this but he was operating the truck one day and realize that it was taking too long to provide water to the fire scene. He decided he needed to come up with some way to fix that. He worked on high comment the side on the nights and weekends. Jeff said that icon had the potential to make millions comma but also save lives on a massive scale.

That meant more to him than the money. He said that the product was ready to make money. Jeff walked out onto the stage wearing his firefighter uniform, and flanked by two other firefighters. Jeff introduced himself to the Sharks, and said that he was the owner of hyconn LLC.

The deals the 'Shark Tank' sharks regret never taking: Part 2 - ABC News

Past them to imagine that those people could have been saved if the firefighters could get water to the house a moment sooner. He said that there are too many homes and American Dreams being destroyed by fire, and HyConn was the way to solve that problem. The two professional fireman that he brought would help him demonstrate his product.

One of them had the hike on with a standard hose while one of them had just the hose to connect to either side of the fire hydrant. Jeff then had the two firefighters demonstrate how fast the hike on could disconnect as compared to the standard hose. Again they started on the same at the same time and the firefighter with the HyConn finished first by a large margin.

He told them that the standard connections can sometimes take 30 seconds or more, well the HyConn can be done in less than three. The HyConn Also only took about a second to disconnect.

Mark Cuban Dumped HyConn

Jeff told the sharks that there are thirty-three thousand fire departments across the United States, and said that the was Millions be made with this product. He has the sharks who would like to take that Journey with him. Mark start off, asking Jeff where he was from.

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Jeff told him that he was from Arkansas. Mark asked him how he planned on selling the hike on. Barbara said that there is only an eight-second difference between the two. Robert asked if he was just going to go to different Fire Department and ask them to buy it just to save 8 Seconds. Robert asked if you thought that there is a budget for this and most Fire Department.

Jeff said that he thought that there was a budget for the hike on. He told Robert that he started making sales calls last month. Jeff said that 6 more of the fire department will working on getting the paperwork together for the purchase orders. Kevin wanted to know what each one costs.

Kevin told him that the negaatve part to his story is that he was selling it to the government. Barbara asked him how much money of individual fire department would have to put out in order to buy enough of them to equip their typical equipment.

Barbara said that was a lot of money. Robert asked if Jeff was planning on getting fire departments to mandate product. Jeff said that he was working towards that, but had not gotten approval yet. Kevin wanted to know if their Distribution Systems that provide direct products to fire stations. Jeff confirmed that there was. Time to give it up!

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Years ago when I had numerous horses I had quick connects on the wells, Etc, but it was a different design. The quick connects sold at Home Depot are not the same as this product, you still have screw on adapters to both the hose and spigot. This product allows you to quickly attach it to the threaded spigot without screwing anything on. It is a cool design, no doubt. I think licensing the technology is the way to go too.

Mark Cuban Dumped HyConn - Shark Tank Blog

License it to the big manufacturers, take a cut of each one ordered, count your cash. I personally never got the allure of the hose myself because ive seen similar products available. Id take it too but im not sure why he just didnt let Mark do his thing. I usually dont like to blindly trust anything especially people, but I would blindly trust Cuban….

Hy-Conn is a super-fast connector for fire hydrants and garden hoses

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