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Matchmaking can seem like a mysterious and sometimes cruel part of League of Legends , but players should hopefully have a better insight into how the system works following an entire dev post dedicated to the topic.

The Rioter admitted that the team knows the matchmaking system will never be entirely perfect, but Riot Gortok and others went on to explain other matchmaking details while debunking some myths along the way. It can also feel like these allies appear at the least opportune times, but getting bad teammates like these at critical times is just an urban myth, for the most part.

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Gold View Profile View Posts. The level rank doesnt matter.

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If you win games youre going to be paired with way better people. Lithari View Profile View Posts. Those ranks are not an indicator of skill, besides, even in ranked, the skill levels of players are I have faced and beaten, in this order of 7 matches 1: This type of thing in my opinion shouldn't be allowed, i suggest they at the very least reinstate the previous group dynamic that makes all matches be based on the highest rank instead of an average rank, because its not fair to the rest of us to be screwed over like this.

Matchmaking Real Talk | LOL

Originally posted by Lithari:. Ranks ain't worth a damn thing in this game, it's mainly just an indicator of the time that particular account was used to play the game I'm on lvl 70 Legend with exactly 1k hours ingame, and I'm terrible at it. Others have reached Rocketeer within less time.

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And you haven't even considered smurfs yet, with multi-accounts. Start a New Discussion.

League of Legends Matchmaking Explained, Myths Debunked

Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Ranked only allows people to go in as a 2-man party maximum. It generally tries to match equal numbers of duos too so it's very rare that you'll get 2 duos and a solo vs 5 solos. Can it even have two duos in one team?

I've checked it like times and has never happened to me. It is probably possible but not probable If I have this face in my post: Ranked matchmaking works pretty well.


Normal matchmaking is a literal joke. Ranked matches with with people of the same rank as you, there's an artificial rank usually the right skill indicator but some people get boosted etc and their hidden MMR is lower then then the rank written on their account basically a gold 5 player who got boosted could have the MMR of a silver 5 player. This game has matchmaking?

Could a fooled me.