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17 Things to Know Before Dating an Extrovert If she likes you, you won't need a secret decoder ring to figure it out. But just because she's talkative doesn't mean she's needy. a Short Girl · 8 Things to Know Before Dating an Introvert · 12 Things to Know Before Dating a Vegan · extroverts · Dating.

If you're more interested in hefting a hammer, look into Habitat for Humanity. There are volunteer opportunities for all passions, so just find the one that best suits you both and have fun! We all know dancing is fun and good exercise. But who wants to deal with the crowds or expensive drinks at the clubs?

Turn your own home into a club with a particular theme. You could even do this weekly with rotating themes! Playgrounds aren't just for mommies and kids. Relive your childhoods and have contests to see who can swing the highest or who can do the monkey bars the most times in a row.

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You'll torch some extra calories. Zoos aren't just for grade school field trips. Most zoos offer a few free days throughout the year. This is a great time to take advantage of the awesome exhibits without having to pay for entrance.

Many cities now host farmers markets on the weekends. The food on offer is usually healthier and fresher than store-bought versions, and it's always interesting to check out the work of local artisans! Have fun going for a spin in your dream car or any car that looks like fun. You may have to pretend you're looking to buy, so you'll want to prepare a cover story.

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If you're in an area with lots of snow, hit the hills on a downward slope. You could even turn it into a contest to see who comes up with the most successful makeshift sled!

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Everyone loves having pictures of their special someone, whether for your wallet, on your desk at work, or just for your home. Have fun with your photoshoot and come up with interesting costumes, backdrops, and angles. We'll watch for them on Facebook. Many local coffeehouses have amateur nights, where people can come in and perform or read poetry and you get a great night's entertainment for the price of a cup of coffee. You never know what kind of performances you'll find, so expect the unexpected.

If you're bold, you might even jump in and participate! One person's trash is another person's treasure. Checking out local yard or garage sales can be a fun way to bond over random things that get you excited. Make it a competition to see who snag the coolest stuff for the lowest price. Most winery tours are completely free and even offer samples in hopes you'll purchase a few bottles. It's a great way to learn about local wines and to spend some quality time together tasting! Check to see when local sporting teams are going to be having a fireworks show. Take a blanket and cuddle up while you watch the sparks fly.

Lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by. Compete to see who can find the most unusual critters in the cloud formations.

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  • Fly the kite that's been gathering dust in your garage or make a new one. Then head to the park on a windy day.

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    Turn your dining room into a vineyard's tasting room with tasty finger foods and vino from your wine rack. Comment on the tannins and oaky flavor of each glass even if you have no idea what those words mean and celebrate the "bottomless" nature of your at-home tasting. Revisit the infamous childhood game of Truth or Dare by walking around town taking turns asking each other the age-old question. Headgear, frizzy hair, and some freaky looking sweaters?

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    Collect some old photos, be it baby photos or high school grad pics, and share them with your date. Not only will it provide some good laughs but it will keep the conversation flowing. Dust off the old controllers and turn on that Nintendo 64! You might find yourselves drawn to a park you never noticed before, or a gritty part of the city where the graffiti is super-photogenic.

    Take tons of selfies so that you have your own Instagram trail of the date. Check out local and up-and-coming artists on display at galleries in your area. Light some candles, break out the lotion or oil, and give each other a nice long back-rub.

    Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Go On a Hike Head to the closest trail and go on a hiking date. Explore a Neighborhood Be a tourist in your own city! Try Geocaching This modern-day real-world treasure hunt is the perfect adventure. You can make a fancy meal and drink a nice bottle of wine, or you can have a pizza delivered and drink a cold beer.

    Lose power for a night. A couple months ago the high winds from Hurricane Ike knocked out our power. That night my wife and I had a nice dinner by candlelight, then laid on the floor together and read books by candlelight. Even small towns have events year round.

    Check out your local paper or City of Commerce web page. Be on the lookout for cultural events, high school musicals and sporting events, parks and recreational activities, guest speakers, and more.

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    Go for a drive. Go stargazing or cloud watching. Take a few moments on a nice evening and go stargazing, or lie on your back and watch the clouds go by. Go for a walk. Not only is going for a walk free, but you also get some exercise. This is a win-win. Go for a walk downtown or around your neighborhood.

    The best part about feeding ducks is that all that you need is a couple of quarters to purchase duck food at the pond. Feeding ducks is a nice way to get outside and only spend a couple of dollars on your date. If you took a picnic, then you can make a whole day out of this. Going to the movies is expensive.

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    Matinee prices are drastically cheaper. In some cases, the movie theatre might even offer free movies in the day. Go thrift store shopping. You can buy anything from the thrift store. You can buy some old golf clubs and go to a driving range, an old VHS, or just about anything else you could imagine. Fixing up something for your home with some elbow grease is a fun and cheap date, plus you end up with a nice piece of furniture at the end. There are few things that are more fun than watching your date flail around trying not to fall.

    Blockbuster stores might be a thing of the past, but you can still rent a movie for the night. Pop a bowl of popcorn or buy a couple boxes of your favorite candy, and enjoy a movie from the comfort of your couch. Go for a hike. Hiking to a waterfall or to the top of a mountain is a beautiful spot to enjoy a picnic.